Dear Customers!

Production of tiles has been our family tradition since over 50 years.

Despite passage of time, the tiles are still manufactured manually. The only thing that changes is our experience. We are more experienced now, and our tiles are more durable and they look more beautiful.   We offer a wide range of designs, variety of fireplace and stove tiles colours. This allows appropriate selection and application in every type of an interior. We direct our products to fireplace stores and individual customers.

In order to meet the expectations of our Customers, we are constantly developing our offer and we are extending it with new attractively-designed products and new colours.

We would like to invite for cooperation fireplace stores, contractors, architects and interior decorators



Thank you for your interest in our offer. We would like to make you more familiar with our products in terms of their manufacturing and functional properties as well as the warranty conditions.

Manufacture of tiled ceramics is a highly valued craft - an effect of manual work. Despite development of industry and civilization, the leading producers of stove and fireplace tiles are still small manufactures, which base on family traditions. The same applies to our tiles manufacturing facility.

Ceramic tiles are elements of construction, but at the same time they can decorate a stove or a fireplace. Due to their properties, they take the energy from fire, aggregate it within them and transfer into a room – in a form of pleasant and soft heat radiation.

Tiles - they are produced only from natural raw materials, mostly various combinations of clay and chamotte.   During processing and firing stages the high temperature transforms clay into an eco-friendly and healthy material, which gains properties unusual for other types of building materials – it is functional, durable and capable of surviving hundreds of years intact.

During heating, the tiles are levelling heat, which comes from the stove, on their surface. It is the healthiest and the best way to heat living quarters. Radiation of soft warmth through large heating surfaces of a stove or a tiled fireplace applied instead of e.g. convection heating completely changes distribution of temperatures in a house and makes it more beneficial. It does not make room too dry and it provides a lot more comfortable conditions for human body. Economic aspect is also very important. Wood is the cheapest source of energy. It is also worth emphasizing that wood is the only renewable fuel.


Beauty of ceramic tiles

The beauty and aesthetics of tiles can be enhanced by using ornamentations in the form of glazes, reliefs and profiles as well as their decorative painting. Diversity and freedom of choice during building stage and decor of stoves and fireplaces provide a great chance to display full skills of designers and manufacturers. All advantages of tiled ceramics have their background, which create and define them as an uncontrollable and inhomogeneous material within the scope of chemical and physical characteristics. That is why we consider tiled ceramics as a "living" material, which demands humility and compromise. At the same time these features create individual characteristics, which are appreciated by connoisseurs of workmanship as well as exceptional and natural handicraft. As a manufacturer of stove and fireplace ceramics we understand that such unique properties of a product are the biggest advantage for Customer.

Taking into consideration the requirements of our Customers, we always inform and we emphasize that it is crucial to extend expectations to differences according to natural features of fired clay and glaze.

Thinking of tile production industry as a computerized system of manufacturing which create thousands of stylistically consistent tiles is completely different from our perception of that craft.

                                                        Best Regards,

                                                              Rafał Karny





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